May. 19th, 2009

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Yes, I watched Trek again. Yes, it rocked hard second time around. I came out of the cinema grinning just as broadly as the first time. And now I'm more than a little obsessed. It anyone can rec any fics to me for the movie I'm open to offers. I'm currently fascinated by the thoughts of Jim/Bones: the Academy years and how Spock might cope with his first pon farr with only Kirk for "company". But like I say I'm keeping an open mind so feel free to tell me if you've seen something good.

I've also started watching another two shows - West Wing and How I Met Your Mother. West Wing is taking a while to grow on me. I've only seen four episodes so far and I'm feeling a bit special needs because it's pacey, full of jargon I don't understand and I'm struggling to keep up. It was recommended by a young work colleague who, having taken a sabbatical to the US during his degree and worked as a White House intern for four months is fanatical about the show and the biggest Obama fanboy you could ever meet. Seriously. He met Senator Obama for coffee with a couple of the other interns whilst he was there and has nothing but squee for the big man. So having been infected by his fanboyism for American politics I'm giving West Wing a decent go. In exchange, I've given him State of Play, and fully expect another convert. Mr G loves WW already, which is good. We don't have enough shows in common lately.

How I Met Your Mother, though? Oh man. HOW much do I love that show already? I've only seen 12 episodes so far but it is ledge-gen-dairy! [ profile] silvaa pointed out tonight that it's a show where there are no characters you don't really like. In Will and Grace, I couldn't stand Will and Grace. Buffy was never my favourite character in Buffy. But I really like all the characters in HIMYM so far. But especially Barney. My NPH crush is back with a vengeance. But then I feel kinda justified, my first TV crush having been in Dougie Howser when I was about 12. And as a consequence I've been rewatching Dr Horrible too. In summary, NPH's awsomeness is helping me grin through RL bullshit right now. Yay!

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