May. 24th, 2009

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I am really feeling the therapeutic benefits of fire these past two days. We had [ profile] after8mink over for a barbeque tonight followed by another fire in the garden. We sat outside until 11pm before retiring to the lounge where all three of us indulged in a glass of port and a Habano. I quit smoking in November, but somehow smoking a cigar is totally different. It was mellow and soothing to roll the liquorice smoke around my mouth and blow it out in rings. I won't make a habit of it but it was nice.

The boys (Mr G and [ profile] after8mink) are downstairs watching a badly dubbed Chinese movie but I needed my bed. Replete, seasoned and sleepy.

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Title: Compromise
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Fandom: Star Trek [I have the new film in mind, but I don't really think it matters]
Words: 100
Summary: Kirk likes to take risks
Writer's notes: This came about from a prompt by [ profile] betweenthebliss, who suggested Kirk/Spock; Compromise. It's my first foray into Trek as a writer, so I hope it comes off okay. Comments and concrit would be very welcome indeed.

Compromise )

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