Jul. 3rd, 2009

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I've been struck with gloom, so I've not been able to find the energy to put down anything about Glastonbury, even who we got to see whilst we were there. But I have to at least do a ten word review of each act so I don't forget what music we saw if nothing else.

In order of appearance, we saw:

Maximo Park - Tight, high energy performance. Paul Smith's junk is foofing ENORMOUS!
Zane Lowe - Wow, that guy knows how to work a crowd. Grintastic :D
Beardyman - More than just human beatboxing - this guy's skill is legendary.
White Lies - Soaring sound and haunting vocals from such a humble combo.
Friendly Fires - Hips don't lie. Lead singer is kinetically driven by pelvis.
The Specials - Very special. Dig at Lily Allen hilarious. Cheer up Terry!
British Sea Power - What's with all the tree branches, you guys? Awesome, though.
The Blockheads - Even without Ian Dury, rocked the house. So much fun.
Metric - Emily is my new girl crush. Energy, drive, melody, groove.
Spinal Tap - Epic, hilarious, irreverant. Used dwarves! Those guys still have it.
Dizzee Rascal - Got crowd going, but not me. Loved "Just A Rascal".
Kasabian - Did we bore you? Is that the best you've got?
Jarvis Cocker - Consummate entertainer - perfect musically, engaging banter plus amusing stage invasion!
Tom Jones - How can you not love Tom? As brilliant as ever.
Will Young - Only heard one song. Sounded good, though. Erm, that's it!
Blur - Possibly the highlight of my gig-going life to date.

So that's that. If I find it in me to write more at a later date, I will. But at least I now have a record of who we saw if I can't summon up the enthusiasm.

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