Aug. 17th, 2009

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I did a silly questionnaire thingy on Facebook at the weekend. It asked you to take the last 21 people who had posted on your Facebook wall and answer a series of questions about them. One of the questions asked you to "describe the relationship between 10 and 20". Now in my case, 10 and 20 do not have a relationship. They were not, until that questionnaire, even aware that the other existed. However, the person who'd completed the meme before me had been in the same predicament and had said just that. So I decided to be a little more inventive and wrote

10 runs a bar in New Mexico. 20 is a beautiful but deadly go-go dancer. Together they fight crime iiiiiiin myyyyyy miiiiiiind

Person 20, Erin, seemed to think this was hilarious, so I decided to expand. It's deliberately silly and is meant to come across in a pulp fiction stylee [the books, that is, not the film...]. Less than 800 words, and no warnings other than to expect extreme silliness.

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