Aug. 25th, 2009

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Title: "Mutual Appreciation Society"
Pairing: A little pairing I've decided to call B-Fine, because no-one can stop me. AKA William Shatner/Chris Pine. You heard me.
Wordcount: 3,408
Rating: R
Warnings: Nothing for graphic content as such. Just be aware of the fact that it switches point of view from Bill to Chris and back again several times. I hope it doesn't make people seasick.
Summary: Chris wasn't sure if he was reading this wrong, and he felt ridiculous thinking it but... Was Shatner hitting on him?
Writer's notes: Inspired by the [ profile] trek_rpf_kink meme, the prompt was simply "Shatner blowing Captain Fine". Anon went on to say "I realise it is probably pointless to even ask for this because nobody else is as fucked up as I am". I beg to differ, BB.

This took ages to write. The dialogue flowed pretty naturally and then the segue to smut failed me. I was spurred by another commenter saying they might fill the prompt and suddenly the fic was finished. In about half an hour. Amazing what the fear of being usurped will do for both inspiration and motivation. Unbeta'd because, let's be fair, who would?

'Mutual Appreciation Society' )

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