Sep. 20th, 2009

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Title: Res ipsa loquitur - Part 1.
Pairings: In this part? Dominic Howard/Zane Lowe; implied Matt Bellamy/Dominic Howard
Writers: [ profile] filthgoblin and [[ profile] licklepickle
Rating: R
Length: ~3,600 words
Warnings: Fairly light kink [scratcing, biting, that kinda shiz], suggested violence in this part.
Summary: In which Zane gets curious, Dom gets frisky and Matt gets very, very angry.
Writer's notes: This was written as a result of the picture below, which shows an oblivious-looking Matt standing in front of a positively sexual Zane and Dom with a devious look on his face. The first piece of partnership writing for [ profile] filthypickleinc, but hopefully the first of many. Written jointly with [ profile] licklepickle, named by her and edited and beta'd all my myself. Any remaining errors are mine alone, so I will take all the blame. Maybe even a spanking if thought necessary...

Of the title, [ profile] licklepickle says

[ profile] filthgoblin has gone off having fun and left me the awful task of naming this. Struggle aint even the word! Vague journey was Zane to Gonzo writing to Hunter S, where I saw he once wrote "Res ipsa loquitur, let the good times roll". This lead me to inevitable Wiki and that res ipsa loquitur is roughly translated as "the thing speaks for itself."

Click the pic to read the fic

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