Sep. 28th, 2009

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I already knew it was the perfectly adorable [ profile] minlliw's birthday. She assures me she's had a nice day and a lovely weekend, which is no more than she deserves. She and I will be meeting for a date next week, when I will be spoiling her in some way or another. If you're reading this, happy birthday my sweet. All the birthday love in the world to you *smooches*

In addition to what I already knew, I have learned the following things:
  • Work-based internet privileges are capricious and fleeting. One minute I was posting a lunchtime rant about the absence of The Brain from my work life, the next thing I know LJ is blocked at a server level by the work system. No more lunchtime browsing of my SFW list. Or daytime venting of my frustrations to my journal's ever-listening ear. Oh well *sighs*
  • I have a sexual squick that's greater than the one I thought was my biggest one ever. Not something I've tried, but something I read today. It squicked me out more violently than I thought possible for anything. I was almost physically sick, and ended up in tears. It's not even anything that's all that extreme in the grand scheme of things. I can deal with all sorts of violence, blood, even watersports even though it's not my thing. I've watched most of "2 girls, 1 cup", FFS! But just a few short [well-written - it wasn't the writer's fault] paragraphs had me quaking and queasy. It made me ponder on the broad church of human sexuality and how we're all so different. I'm sure there's stuff that I enjoy seeing or reading about, or even doing, that would turn others right off. I think I was just surprised at the strength of my reaction, and I learned something about myself.
The only other thing I know for sure is that my headache of Friday was just in remission rather than actually gone, so I'm eating a fistful of pills and going to get some sleep.

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