Oct. 2nd, 2009

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I am not planning to dress up for Halloween in the real life sense. Although I love fancy dress, there's nowhere to go this year and I'm sure it will be a night like any other. Halloween celebrations are growing in the UK, but it's nowhere near as popular here as it is in the US. Trick or Treat tends to be less of a family and community thing where houses are brightly lit and doors are opened by smiling adults with buckets of treats for kids escorted by parents. Here it's more like suspcious homeowners keeping all the lights off, hoping the marauding gangs of teenagers in dead Presidents masks will believe they genuinely are out and won't egg their houses.

I am, however, planning a costume for [livejournal.com profile] karaokegal's Come As Your Not multifandom fic party. I've previously explained the premise, which in brief is to write something that's outside your normal comfort zone and produce some fic that's different to what you'd normally do.

I've let on various hints as to what my 'costume' will be this year. There are a few people who know the details, and they are all my fic enablers who have been holding my hand through what has proved to be a very challenging process. I'm hitting the wall hard at the moment and the last two nights I've only managed to grind out a painful 130 words. I know I'm obsessing too much about getting it perfect in the first edit even though I know I have a superbeta waiting in the wings to help me hammer it into shape, but I'm realising just how much writing something outside my own comfort zone makes me feel uncomfortable. Like, duh. You'd have thought that much would be obvious, wouldn't you?

Challenge is to get the first draft finished THIS WEEKEND so I can have plenty of time for my beta to kick my ass and help me make it into the good fic I know it can be.
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We have a new vacuum cleaner, called Henry. No really. That's what he's called. For those who've never met Henry, he looks like this:

I had more fun than should be possible last night cleaning the cat hair off the stair carpet with my new friend Henry. He also made the carpet in the spare bedroom look somewhere near presentable given it's about 20 years old and about as threadbare as a carpet can be without falling apart completely.

I was also amused to find, whilst I was cleaning in the spare room ready for the arrival of Mr G's dad this evening, a magazine that had gone missing from the bathroom a couple of weeks ago. I get Scarlet, which is a monthly mag of toy reviews, kink discussions and what they call "Cliterature", and when it's in I tend to read it in the bath. I remembered leaving it on the windowsill and was perplexed I'd been unable to find. When I discovered it pushed under the spare bed, I realised the last time I'd seen it was before we went to North Wales. And when we were in North Wales, my cousin and her fiance came to stay in our house and slept in the spare bed. I smiled to myself and wondered whether it provided them with any inspiration whilst we were allowing the free run of our house to get some respite from the tiny cramped space they're currently sharing with my aunt and uncle ;)

This morning also provided mind music. Today it was this:

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