Oct. 12th, 2009

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Thirty years ago this week, The Sugar Hill Gang gave us "Rapper's Delight". It was such a seminal moment in musical and hip-hop history, and that combined with Afrika Bambaaataa doing "Planet Rock" probably formed a huge part of my personal formative musical heritage. So here they are. Sugar Hill Gang:

It's as awesome today as it was then. I love it, and I am still looking everywhere for a Rapper's Delight alarm clock as given to Turk by JD in Scrubs. Want!

And so to Afrika Bambaataa. Rock it, don't stop it, you gotta rock it don't stop...

In other music-related news, I have secured Glastonbury tickets for next June. I had kinda forgotten about it because, hell, it's eight and a half months until then, but was reminded today after Andy Williams let slip at a gig this weekend that he'll be playing. So that'll be Tom Jones and Andy Williams in two years? Eeee!

And those were today's music headlines. Now over to Tammy for the weather...

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