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Title: "Pretty In Pink"
Pairing: John Simm/David Tennant
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,285
Warnings: THIS IS REAL PERSON FICTION INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE including mentions, albeit fleetingly, of real life partners. You know the drill. If that is your squick do not click. No offence intended; no reality implied. These are merely facsimilies created in my addled mind of fantasy creatures that look like men who exist in real life. Contains sexual activity and strong language. And a checklist of kinks, including cross-dressing; mirror!sex; clothed sex; lingerie fetishism.
Writer's notes: It's been a while since I wrote anything as fluidly as this. I've been agonising over writing in general and fic in particular for months. I did wonder if End Of Time and its associated press would trigger something in me for what is probably my first and most enduring RPF pairing and sure enough, it did. And if the press and the show weren't enough of a trigger themselves, repeated spamming by [ profile] terraswrath with pictures of John looking smug in a dress totally sent me over the edge.
Summary: John discovers some of David's kinks, and confirms one of his main preferences.

Unbeta'd so any errors are my own. Comments, nit-pics and concrit are, as ever, very welcome.

ETA: Now with remedied HTML!fail

“I swear to God, you’re doing this on purpose...”

John was alerted to the fact he had company by the broad Scottish brogue of his co-star chiding him from the doorway.

“I don’t know what you mean?” said John innocently, turning around to face the open door and trying to suppress a smirk.

“You know all too well, laddie,” David countered with an air of mischief barely concealing his very real discomfort, dishevelled hair lending him a slightly flustered look as he wildly gesticulated up and down at John. “Just look at you!”

John smoothed his hands down the front of the bright pink dress he was wearing. It stopped just below the knee and gave way to a black sheen of hosiery all the way to a pair of black shiny court shoes. He’d taken the chance to check out his own reflection in Wardrobe and knew that the dark stockings they’d given him to wear and the heels – unnecessarily high he’d thought at the time – gave his calves a sensual roundness that they didn’t normally have. He didn’t usually show off his legs at all. He’d rather be seen dead than in trousers that stopped anywhere higher than the ankle in the normal run of things. But now Russell’s script had given him the opportunity to get into a dress, he was starting to enjoy himself. Even more so seeing the reaction it provoked from David.

“I did look at me. I look rather pretty, don’t you think?” John gave a little twirl, heels clattering on the hard floor in the dressing room. “But I’m only doing as I’m told. Who knew you had such a thing for men in ladies underwear?”

The sound of David swallowing was just audible over the distance between them. “You’re wearing... women’s underwear..?” David almost whispered, fingers slowly curling and uncurling at his sides.

John grinned broadly. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” he quipped.

David stepped inside the room and pushed the door closed behind him. “You know what? I really would.” Closing the gap between them, David stepped into John’s space. He held out a hand tentatively, giving John a chance to stop him.

He didn’t.

A shiver ran up John’s back as David’s hand came barely into contact with his thigh, running it round between John’s legs and hitching up the fabric with his fingers. There was a slight friction of the fine rib of hosiery against the satiny material of the dress as it slid upward, David’s fingers working towards John’s crotch. He stopped just short of his destination, looking John straight in the face as the sensation changed from fabric rubbing against fabric.

“Stockings?” David asked, stopping with lips parted.

“What else?” replied John, smirking as David’s eyelids lowered fractionally in response.

In the blink of an eye, David was on his knees before John, pushing up the dress to hip-height and taking in the sight revealed beneath. John, clad in black stockings, suspenders dark against luminous skin, framing a pair of pale blue satin knickers with a lace trim. The satin strained obscenely to contain John’s growing erection, a tiny patch no bigger than a fingernail stained darker blue. David sucked in air over his teeth and moaned it out.

“Fuck. John...”

“That’s one of the options I had in mind, yes,” John retorted, quick as a whip. “But it seems a shame to rush.”

“But, we have a call in half an hour!” David gasped, and John couldn’t quite tell if that was panic or excitement in his voice.

“Plenty of time,” said John, running his fingers through David’s hair. “Besides, in this state –“ he gestured at his crotch “- I’d be lucky to make it to ten minutes.”

David face broke into a characteristic Doctor grin and he winked at John. “Don’t worry,” he said, dipping his head and breathing through the satin of the knickers in a way that made John groan loudly, “I’m sure I can make this last the full half hour.”

Releasing one side of the dress for a moment, David put his free hand to work easing down the knickers just enough to free John’s cock from the confines of lingerie not cut to accommodate such a mass. Once the task was complete, David’s hand returned to holding up the dress, taking in the renewed view of John’s unrestrained cock against the backdrop of pink and pale blue. He only lost a second, and before John had time to take a breath David’s mouth was on him, his legendarily hyperactive tongue circling his shaft, teasing the head and making John’s knees weaken.

David allowed John to fall from his lips for just a second. “I approve of the heels,” he said, applying a lick from John’s balls to the tip of his cock. “They make you just...” lick “the right...” another lick “height.”

Any further thoughts David might have considered articulating were cut off as John’s fingers twisted with renewed force in his hair and he forced the head of his cock, already brushing David’s lips, deep into his mouth. Tilting his head back, David took the full length of John’s thrust with a grunt, catching the dress fabric in the crook of his thumbs and forefingers and holding John by the hips, fingernails imprinting John’s skin. Wet, sloppy sounds filled John’s ears as he lost himself in the sensation of the warm slide of David’s tongue along his length, tip dipping into the slit at the tip and pressing firmly on his frenulum.

“Fuck, David...” started John, withdrawing suddenly with a damp pop.

David licked his lips, catching saliva pooled at the corners of his mouth. “I didn’t think that was on the agenda,” he said, releasing the dress and chasing his tongue back into his mouth with the knuckle of his thumb. “I thought it was the other way ‘round...”

“That sounds perfectly fine to me,” John said, offering his hands to help David up from his knees and pulling him up forcibly, overbalancing David against his chest. Face to face, equal height due to John’s lofty footwear, they looked at each other through two breaths before they raced into a lunge for a wet, open-mouthed kiss. David made full use of John’s unsteadiness on his 4” heels to dip him backwards and assert his dominance. Righting John and stepping back, David’s eyes scanned the room quickly and came to rest on the make-up chair in front of the dressing room mirror. He took a step in its direction, catching John’s hand and pulling him in his wake.

Falling into the seat, David positioned John facing him between his knees and looked up through his eyelashes.

“Tell me what you want,” David breathed, his hands moving under the dress once again, this time roaming to John’s satin-clad arse and kneading his buttocks.

“I want you to fuck me,” John answered simply, reaching for the hem to pull the dress over his head.

David caught John’s hands and looked up into his face. “No need for that,” David said with a glint in his eye. “Good thing about dresses is they cover a multitude of sins.”

John released the dress and grinned back down at David. “And that has nothing to do with pandering to your perversions, then?” he said.

“You’d know all about playing up to what gets me going,” David retorted, gesturing at John’s hair. “You can’t tell me that you did that just ‘cause you thought the resurrected Master should be a blonde?”

John smirked. “Maybe,” he said with a coquettish look. “I couldn’t have known the effect would be quite so… extreme”. He lifted his leg and rubbed a black-stockinged shin against David’s profound hard-on. David shuddered visibly.

“Don’t tease me, John. Seriously,” David said, his accent lilting with a quake in his voice. “I have every intention of fucking you, as suggested, but I’d like to be in with a chance of getting that far.“

John pressed his lips together, half to suppress a smile and half to give himself a second to process the sensation of arousal and anxiety pooling his gut at the thought of David – who was not of small proportions – pushing inside him. He swallowed hard, not quite knowing how to form the next sentence.

“Do you have..? You know? Because I wasn’t planning… I mean, I wasn’t prepared for…” He stopped, blushing deeply.

“Inside pocket of my jacket,” David said, a half-smile playing on his lips.

“Your costume jacket? Jesus, David!” John looked genuinely shocked.

“Aw, c’mon!” David chided. “You know me? Ever ready!”

John paused for a second, wondering how many others of the cast and crew David might have had his eye on and where he fell in the pecking order. It took a glance from David’s irrepressible erection to the open, almost innocent expression in his wide eyes, pupils consuming most of his irises as David’s gaze raked over John’s body and up to his face to reassure him that there was only one thing – one person – on David’s mind right now. Dropping to his knees between David’s, John ran his hand over the pale blue shirt and into the breast pocket of David’s famous brown pinstripe suit, fingers closing around a condom packet and… something else. He gripped the two items together and extracted them between his index and middle fingers. A sachet of lube? John met David’s smiling eyes and knew that David had been planning this all along.

Unfastening David’s trousers, John silently urged David to lift his arse so he could ease them, along with his boxers, down around his knees. David’s erection stood out proudly in front of John’s face and in spite of David’s warning, John couldn’t help himself but to taste him. His tongue darted out to swipe the bead from the tip, salty and bitter. David gasped as his eyes fluttered. John’s fingers worked quickly, unwrapping the condom and unrolling it along the length of David’s cock. He sat back on his heels and looked up at David, awaiting guidance.

“You can sit on my lap,” David said, matter of factly. John stood and moved his hands up his thighs to remove the satin knickers already half pushed down.

“No!” David said sharply. “Keep them on,” he qualified, more softly this time.

“But…” John’s expression said all the words his lips apparently couldn’t form.

David took the lube from John’s hand. “I’ll just move them aside. It’s fine.”

Tearing open the sachet with his teeth, David squeezed the contents onto his palm and thoroughly slicked his length. He gently turned John to face away from him and pulled up the dress to expose his arse. Pulling the knickers to one side David quickly moved his hand between John’s buttocks, applying the wetness still on his hand to the cleft over his hole. John could see the look of diligent concentration on David’s face as he carefully wiped his hand on his own bare thigh and moved his hands to John’s waist.

“Come to me,” David said quietly, fingers pulling John back towards him.

John crouched over David’s lap and allowed him to make sure all was in place. Meeting David’s gaze in the mirror, John saw him nod almost imperceptibly and he allowed himself to move until the head of David’s cock was pressing against him insistently. Consciously relaxing, he felt David penetrate him and let out a gasp. He eased himself slowly until he was sitting fully in David’s lap, allowing his head to loll back for a moment before righting it to look into David’s eyes in reflection.

His lips parted as David’s hand snaked around him to pull blue satin and lace from its position over his balls and up over his shaft. David’s hand, still slightly damp with lube, stuck to the fabric. John could see that David was watching his reactions intently in the mirror and as he felt a movement beneath him and pushing up inside him, his lips fell open and he gasped. David rewarded him with a firm stroke along the full length of his cock.

It wasn’t long before they had established a rhythm: John bucking up into David’s hand; David meeting the relaxation back into his lap with an upward thrust. Sweat ran down John’s neck, met by David’s hungry tongue lapping at the soft, hairless patch below his ear. Moving together with an increasing frenzy of barely suppressed sound, John was the first to come with a yelp. The pressure of David filling him, rocking insistently against his prostate, triggered the most intense orgasm since the first time Kate had slipped a finger inside him as she was sucking him off. The first spurt, unimpeded by fabric or fingers, landed on the mirror, and was apparently enough to send David over the edge, picking up to a frenzied pace.

“Fuck, John… Ohfuck… Aah!”

Sweaty and panting, the two slid down in the chair, watching each other in the mirror. A flush crept over David’s cheeks as a grin spread across his face. John looked at the ridiculous sight – himself splayed over David’s lap, growing soft over pretty knickers, skirt hitched up around his waist – and started to laugh, making David squirm beneath him. The giggles built between them until they were both gasping, taking hiccupping breaths to try and regain their composure.

“I’ve been waiting to do that again for a long time,” David said softly.

John smiled. “Oh yeah? And there was me thinking it took seeing me in drag to get you horny.”

“Nah,” David snorted derisively. “You know I’ve always had a thing for blondes.”
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