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As some of you might already know, [ profile] karaokegal has a Halloween party post over at her journal called "Come As You're Not". Basically, it's a fic fancy dress party, and by that I mean you are challenged to write something that you would never write in a million years. [ profile] karaokegal explains it better than I could, so I'll copy and paste from her post:


[ profile] karaokegal's Fourth Annual “Come As You’re Not” fanfic costume party.

Who is invited: YOU! If you're seeing this posted anywhere on your friends list, even if you've never heard of me, please come to the party anyway.

I’m inviting you all to write a fanfic as someone other than yourselves.

Costume examples:

If you’re known for linear narrative, go poetic and out of sequence.

Are you a fluff-bunny? Write angst. (And if you're known for developing hives at the hint of fluff, take a few Benedryl and write some.)

Have you said you can’t/won’t do smut? Go down and dirty.

Smutstress extra-ordinaire? Do something so gen a five-year-old can read it.

Write for a pairing you don’t believe in, preferably one that violates your OTP. (Or write threesome fic for your OTP and the biggest threat to their relationship.)

Cross-dressing: Do a story for a fandom you’ve never written in. Think of all the great fandoms that have cropped up since last year...this isn't JUST a House-party or a Torchwood party. Any fandom (movie, tv show, play, book, literature) is welcome.

Bi-fictionality is HIGHLY encouraged. If you've never written slash-now's the time. If you're a true-blue slash fan and totally squicked out by the idea of HET---GO FOR IT!

In fact, this may be the perfect time to face your worse squicks-Bring on the age-discrepancy, hetero, wing-fic! Incest? Rimming? Contact lens sharing? Bring it on!

Write in a style you claim to despise. Songfics, deathfics, AU are all welcome as long as it’s something that you would never be caught dead doing in a million, billion, years.

Base a fic on a cliché you’ve been railing against.

Write a purposely sucky story and create your own MST for it. Or pair up with someone and get them to do the MST for you.

RPS/RPF are more than acceptable, if it's a pairing you haven't done before and especially if you've gone on record saying that RPS/RPF is nasty, bad, icky, squicky etc.

For added costume appeal-create a userpic that is totally NOT YOU!

No word restrictions. Elaborate costumes (long fics), masks thrown over the face (drabbles), and anything in between are fine.

Check out the parties from 2006 and 2007 and 2008 for examples. (And remember it's never too late to comment on a fic.)

RSVP is nice, but not necessary. You can tell us your costume in advance or surprise us at the party.

About two weeks before, I'll be loading up the truck and going shopping so think about what libations, yummies and recreational drugs you'd like me to procure.

Once again, the party will last a whole week so you needn't feel rushed to post and read everything in 24 hours.

I’ll open the post as soon as it turns October 31st my time, which means the UK can start partying bright and early. Post the story in your own LJ and put the link in a comment.

BRING FRIENDS: Please, please, please pimp this post on your F-list, but NOT in any of the fiction communities. This is not an official Ficathon, Challenge, or Exchange. It’s just a party!

And remember, even if you don't wear a costume, you're more than welcome to attend as a reader. (And bring friends.)

The original thread to state your intentions [if you want to, it's not compulsory] is here. I have some amazing writers on my f-list so it would be great to see some of you guys over there. I already have my fic idea germinating, and it features writing my first piece in a fandom I've not yet written for and tackling one of my massivest, squickiest fictional and real-life squicks head-on.
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I did a silly questionnaire thingy on Facebook at the weekend. It asked you to take the last 21 people who had posted on your Facebook wall and answer a series of questions about them. One of the questions asked you to "describe the relationship between 10 and 20". Now in my case, 10 and 20 do not have a relationship. They were not, until that questionnaire, even aware that the other existed. However, the person who'd completed the meme before me had been in the same predicament and had said just that. So I decided to be a little more inventive and wrote

10 runs a bar in New Mexico. 20 is a beautiful but deadly go-go dancer. Together they fight crime iiiiiiin myyyyyy miiiiiiind

Person 20, Erin, seemed to think this was hilarious, so I decided to expand. It's deliberately silly and is meant to come across in a pulp fiction stylee [the books, that is, not the film...]. Less than 800 words, and no warnings other than to expect extreme silliness.

Desire and the Golden Oyster )
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I just checked my Gmail on the server. I currently have almost as many spam messages from the past month as I have emails in total from the past four years. Amazing.

Before I delete them all, I just wanted to take a few extracted titles that made me grin.

If you go to bed with vigor in your pants, you never go alone
Vigor in my pants? I don't even know what that means.

Women always judge your manhood by the size of your little friend
Any woman who judges me based on the fact I have short friends isn't worth my time

Enlarge your device and women will jump in your bed
Device?! Now I've heard a lot of slang terms for male genitalia, but never device. It's not a mechanical instrument. Unless of course they mean it in the sense that one could think up a bigger plan or scheme. Like maybe saying that your bed is a giant swimming pool. And maybe that there's free swimming. Then she might jump in it. Or... something.

Throw away your cigarettes before you throw away your lungs
Aw, shit. Isn't it always the way? You bin something that's been hanging around for years that you didn't really see the point of until it was gone. I just thought my lungs were taking up space in my chest cavity that could be used for carrying other stuff around. Sometimes I have too many groceries to lug by hand, so being able to carry some of my weekly shop in my ribcage would be very useful. So I got shot of them, and remembered very quickly why I'd been keeping them.

Shape any part of your body any way you want
I want my tits to be shaped like the Palace of Westminster, please.

Now you won't be scared of the aging process because you know how to stop it
That's right, kids. Kill yourselves now! That way you won't get any older!

Also, next time I need a character name for an original story, I'm going to look no further than my spam folder. Seriously, those names are pure fried gold. Rubin Pagan, Bradford Santiago, Coleman Stanford, Silas Cooley [I'm quite sure he's a serial killer], Winnie Hedrick, Hilda Connor. Just so much fodder. I'm almost tempted to use a random email header as a writing prompt and create two characters named after people who sent me spam. It would be good to make something creative from spam. Then its sending would not be in vain.

Oh well

Jul. 20th, 2009 12:30 am
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This weekend didn't really turn out as I expected. We had plans for Saturday that fell through for health and other more enigmatic reasons. But it's been nice. Mr G and I went to Cardiff yesterday for lunch and a wander and spent the evening at home. Today I've been domestically productive and managed to make two hone-cooked meals (including a fucking gorgeous lasagne, even if I do say so myself), do some cleaning and put away the groceries. Not earth-shattering but I feel I've not wasted the day. Then topped off the night by watching Shaun of the Dead, which made me grin very broadly indeed.

I took 15 mins or so whilst Mr G was in the bath this evening to progress a WIP I want to finish. I was pleased that I managed to get 700+ words out in that time, which is a good workrate, I reckon. I've promised myself I won't look back over it til I think it's done and then I'll edit it. If I can get another 500 or so words a day into it over the next couple of mornings I'll be feeling pretty satisfied with myself.


Jul. 14th, 2009 11:24 pm
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Our home phone line, and therefore the broadband, is broken due to a "serious exchange fault". It makes me realise how much I rely on the 'net when I let out a frustrated howl upon the realisation that I couldn't Google for the fault reporting number. Roll on the day I can get a connection straight into my head.

This evening Mr G and I went to our local bookshop, Borders, which announced today it is to close down and that there was 50% off all stock. By the time we got there it was like the scene of a middle-class ram-raid. Large sections were already decimated and under the pressure of time and constant tannoy announcements that the store would be closing very soon and that the queues were very long I found it hard to choose anything. Mr G, however, suffered none of my paralysis and as a result we came away with a massive haul including three travel books on Vietnam for our travels in November and December, two books on the Vietnam War, a complete set of Wainwright walking guides to the Lake District (probably for gifts as we already have a set), four of the seven West Wing season box sets, the film Hunger, Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain, Iain Banks' The Wasp Factory and Teach Yourself books on NLP and creative writing, the last three of these being my only choices. Oh, and the Taschen Big Book of Breasts. Not my choice, but I do approve.

I bought the creative writing book to see if it can kick-start me. I had a very defeatist conversation with [ profile] terraswrath a few days ago about my inability to write and how I could never write anything novel-length. I'm still dubious, but also annoyed with myself for writing myself off without even thinking about it seriously, let alone trying. I'm not promising myself anything but keeping a journal is coming more easily to me now than it used to so maybe that's a sign there's something to develop.

In the absence of an Internet connection, we sat down tonight and watched Hunger. It's an unrelentingly grim film, all long shots with little action and no soundtrack interspersed with brutal naked violence. It was somehow compelling, though, and Michael Fassbender put in a stunning performance.

Anyway, iPhone keyboard is making my eyes go screwy and it's not as early a night as it was. Time to retire, methinks.

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I have no real time or energy to describe my week in London, and plan to do that on Saturday, maybe on the coach back to Cardiff. However, my mind is full of the sensory experiences of the past few days.

The city in bright sunshine looks so different to when the streets are grey and slick with rain like the skin of a seal. Dust and pollen swirl in shafts of light that penetrate between tower blocks, motes that dance in upward drafts of warm air carried through tiny parks and squares of green littered across the map of London. Gusts of wind channelled down alleyways whip tawny fallen blossoms into cyclones of brittle, spent flowers where the walls meet at angles. The Tube in the summertime has a heavy, cloying heat of a thousand breaths; strange bodies pressed and swaying rhythmically against my own are intimate and anonymous.

A walk through the streets smells of charcoal-grilled meat; of stagnant water near the Thames; of exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke as workers gather in tiny tribes outside their office buildings in the streets around the business districts. The taste of fresh-brewed peppermint tea made sweet with coarse brown sugar mixes on my tongue with the spicy liquorice-and-apple flavour from the smoke drawn through the long, rope-wound hose of the shisha pipe at our feet. As the sun sets, the leisurely click of counters on the wooden backgammon board ticks away the last minutes of the day. The swish of a silver tray of charcoals, swung from a metal chain by a waiter to make them glow red hypnotises me as I recline on fat cushions under a canvas canopy in the dwindling daylight.

Whatever other good things have happened whilst I've been in the city can wait for a practical description. Right now I lie in my borrowed bed, unable to think of chronology or events, only feelings and reactions.

Julia Ash

May. 26th, 2009 02:45 pm
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I always do a character study for any characters that I'm playing. It helps me to get into part if I'm clear on the background for the character, and the times that I've taken time to do this I've generally felt better about my performances than when I've spent scant time concentrating on developing a history for my character, or done the work then just put it aside. I've started from the information about the character in the script, then filled in the blanks.

A synopsis of the play is here

First person character study )


Apr. 8th, 2009 06:55 pm
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I have been unusually beset with inspiration. Having never had an idea for original writing in my life, something not unlike a writer's prompt popped into my head whilst I feverishly stared at the ceiling on Monday morning testing and re-testing my voice to see if it worked yet. The thought apparently came from nowhere and is completely unrelated to my current experience or that of anyone else around me. I acknowledged it, parked it, and went about feeling sickly and sorry for myself and didn't really give it another thought.

Not another thought, in fact, until I started seeing dialogue between two characters unfolding in my head. So this afternoon I sat down and started to think about how I could capture it. It was at that point I realised that what I was hearing wasn't like a novel or short story but is rather more trying to be a play. Again with the weird, because whilst I've written plenty of fiction none of it has been using original characters and most of it is pretty light on dialogue.

So far I have managed to complete the bones of one scene - a dualogue - and sketched out a fair amount of a story arc for the rest of the action. The main characters have names, which may sound like an odd thing to say but is something I really struggle with. But now they have proper names [rather than the "Fred" and "Freda" that [ profile] terraswrath helpfully suggested in the first instance so I had something to write other than "man" and "woman"] I feel like I can hear them talking and it's almost like they're taking on a life of their own.

I have no idea whether this is actually going to go anywhere, but I'm going to run with it for now and see where it takes me. I'm in the relatively fortunate position that if I do decide that it might be good for an airing I have a group of people who might actually take it and produce it for me. But that's not really what's on my mind at the moment. Whilst the voices are talking to me, I will continue to take notes.

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