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Title: "Pretty In Pink"
Pairing: John Simm/David Tennant
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,285
Warnings: THIS IS REAL PERSON FICTION INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE including mentions, albeit fleetingly, of real life partners. You know the drill. If that is your squick do not click. No offence intended; no reality implied. These are merely facsimilies created in my addled mind of fantasy creatures that look like men who exist in real life. Contains sexual activity and strong language. And a checklist of kinks, including cross-dressing; mirror!sex; clothed sex; lingerie fetishism.
Writer's notes: It's been a while since I wrote anything as fluidly as this. I've been agonising over writing in general and fic in particular for months. I did wonder if End Of Time and its associated press would trigger something in me for what is probably my first and most enduring RPF pairing and sure enough, it did. And if the press and the show weren't enough of a trigger themselves, repeated spamming by [ profile] terraswrath with pictures of John looking smug in a dress totally sent me over the edge.
Summary: John discovers some of David's kinks, and confirms one of his main preferences.

Unbeta'd so any errors are my own. Comments, nit-pics and concrit are, as ever, very welcome.

ETA: Now with remedied HTML!fail

'Pretty In Pink' )
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I don't really know if this is pimpage [because it was someone else's fic] or whorage [given I had a hand in making it]. But anyway, the moderator of [ profile] dw_podfic recently approached [ profile] terraswrath and asked her if she would consider recording, or having someone record for her, a Theta/Koschei fic she wrote a while back called "Say My Name" for the comm. Someone had requested it, and even though I was struck down with laryngitis at the time, I offered to read it once I was better since Terra didn't really fancy doing it and was unsure about someone she didn't know reading it out.

So I did. This evening. I've never really understood why people would want fic in podcast form, but apparently it's catching on. So if you fancy having a listen: to try something different; to get a fix of Whofic; or even if you're just suddenly taken with a whimsy to hear what I sound like, you can find it here.

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I would normally post requested drabbles in the comments, but I wanted to keep these somewhere that I could refer others to. Yes, that's right. I am a comment whore. So sue me...

Mistaken Identity, Jack/Clone!Ten, for 51stcenturyfox )

Save a Prayer, Bastard!Jack/Gwen Cooper, for karaokegal )

Filing, Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones, for cruentum )

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I picked up some things about me to talk about from [ profile] karaokegal and [ profile] candesgirl 

John Simm )

Life on Mars )

Yuletide )

Phil Glenister )

Simon Pegg )


Smut )

Silvaa )

Sex toys )

Doctor Who )

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Title: Not Like This
Author: [ profile] filthgoblin 
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ten!Doctor/Simm!Master
Rating: R with bells on.
Wordcount: 100
Warnings: Non-con, without a shadow of a doubt. If that's a squick, do not click.
Notes: Set on the Valiant during the lost year, this notion came up in conversation between myself and [ profile] terraswrath talking about the various ways the Master would have found to torment his captives.

Not Like This )

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Title: Release (Part 1/4)
Authors: [ profile] terraswrath and [ profile] filthgoblin 
Characters: Doctor/Master, Theta/Koschei
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:  2944
Summary: 'He's waited centuries to have this. Whole lifetimes, with the drums pounding in his head and the Master whispering to him in the night.'
Warnings: Smut, smut, and (you guessed it) more smut, with just a dash of cursing. If you could call that a warning... :P
This started out as a chat, but morphed and changed into something much deeper - sometimes a little darker - but always exceptionally smutty. It truly is a joint effort in every way, paragraph for paragraph, editing and posting. Prepare for a bumpy ride is all I can say, because this has more ups and downs than you can shake a stick at. Part two tomorrow.

The Master's bitch. That's all he is. A whore.

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