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Title: "Pretty In Pink"
Pairing: John Simm/David Tennant
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,285
Warnings: THIS IS REAL PERSON FICTION INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE including mentions, albeit fleetingly, of real life partners. You know the drill. If that is your squick do not click. No offence intended; no reality implied. These are merely facsimilies created in my addled mind of fantasy creatures that look like men who exist in real life. Contains sexual activity and strong language. And a checklist of kinks, including cross-dressing; mirror!sex; clothed sex; lingerie fetishism.
Writer's notes: It's been a while since I wrote anything as fluidly as this. I've been agonising over writing in general and fic in particular for months. I did wonder if End Of Time and its associated press would trigger something in me for what is probably my first and most enduring RPF pairing and sure enough, it did. And if the press and the show weren't enough of a trigger themselves, repeated spamming by [ profile] terraswrath with pictures of John looking smug in a dress totally sent me over the edge.
Summary: John discovers some of David's kinks, and confirms one of his main preferences.

Unbeta'd so any errors are my own. Comments, nit-pics and concrit are, as ever, very welcome.

ETA: Now with remedied HTML!fail

'Pretty In Pink' )
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This fic is not by me. How I wish I could say that it is, but it's not. It is written by someone I've recently had the privilege to come to call a friend, who wanted to have a crack at writing something that she'd never done before and wasn't prepared to unmask right now. I understand her reasoning, and hope that you can accept this as truth rather than the old "my friend wrote this fic..." schtick because it isn't. I would be proud to own this one as my work. But instead, I am proud to present it for her.

Anon commenting is switched on for this post, and I won't be replying to comments. Rather, the writer will respond to anyone kind enough to leave a one. Everything from this point onward is in her words:

Title: Stockholm Syndrome
Fandom: Museslash
Pairing: Matthew Bellamy/Dominic Howard
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,635
Summary: It's about exploring boundaries and trust, fulfilling a partner's fantasy.
Warnings: BDSM, handcuffs, rope bondage, pain, spanking, cutting, verbal abuse and humiliation.
Writer's Notes: I've read a lot of slash over the years, but I've never been able to read a complete fic that centres on BDSM. It's something that really unsettles me, most of the time. That's why when I heard about the Come As You're Not fic writing party, it was the first thing that sprung to mind. This has been a real revelation to write and couldn't have been done without the unfailing support of [ profile] filthgoblin. You’ve been a god-send for guiding me through this, and persuading me it’s good enough to share.

I’m still not sure I’ve cured myself of the unease of reading it, but maybe I have of writing it.

Stockholm Syndrome )
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Title: Survivalism
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Danko
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,278
Summary: There had been many times where he could have killed Danko; something always stopped him.
Warnings: *takes deep breath* Asphyxiation; cutting; beating; other things that are brutally violent. All consensual, but pretty hardcore stuff.
Writer's Notes: Thanks for the superlative beta to [ profile] karaokegal. Much love to [ profile] terraswrath for holding my hand and telling me "yes you can" when I wailed "but I can't!" Title taken from a track of the same name by Nine Inch Nails
Why it's a costume: Asyphxiation is one of my biggest squicks. I've never written anything in the Heroes fandom before. I don't think I've ever written anything his unrelentingly brutal before either.

I got my violence in hi-def ultra-realism )
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I am not planning to dress up for Halloween in the real life sense. Although I love fancy dress, there's nowhere to go this year and I'm sure it will be a night like any other. Halloween celebrations are growing in the UK, but it's nowhere near as popular here as it is in the US. Trick or Treat tends to be less of a family and community thing where houses are brightly lit and doors are opened by smiling adults with buckets of treats for kids escorted by parents. Here it's more like suspcious homeowners keeping all the lights off, hoping the marauding gangs of teenagers in dead Presidents masks will believe they genuinely are out and won't egg their houses.

I am, however, planning a costume for [ profile] karaokegal's Come As Your Not multifandom fic party. I've previously explained the premise, which in brief is to write something that's outside your normal comfort zone and produce some fic that's different to what you'd normally do.

I've let on various hints as to what my 'costume' will be this year. There are a few people who know the details, and they are all my fic enablers who have been holding my hand through what has proved to be a very challenging process. I'm hitting the wall hard at the moment and the last two nights I've only managed to grind out a painful 130 words. I know I'm obsessing too much about getting it perfect in the first edit even though I know I have a superbeta waiting in the wings to help me hammer it into shape, but I'm realising just how much writing something outside my own comfort zone makes me feel uncomfortable. Like, duh. You'd have thought that much would be obvious, wouldn't you?

Challenge is to get the first draft finished THIS WEEKEND so I can have plenty of time for my beta to kick my ass and help me make it into the good fic I know it can be.
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Title: Res ipsa loquitur - Part 1.
Pairings: In this part? Dominic Howard/Zane Lowe; implied Matt Bellamy/Dominic Howard
Writers: [ profile] filthgoblin and [[ profile] licklepickle
Rating: R
Length: ~3,600 words
Warnings: Fairly light kink [scratcing, biting, that kinda shiz], suggested violence in this part.
Summary: In which Zane gets curious, Dom gets frisky and Matt gets very, very angry.
Writer's notes: This was written as a result of the picture below, which shows an oblivious-looking Matt standing in front of a positively sexual Zane and Dom with a devious look on his face. The first piece of partnership writing for [ profile] filthypickleinc, but hopefully the first of many. Written jointly with [ profile] licklepickle, named by her and edited and beta'd all my myself. Any remaining errors are mine alone, so I will take all the blame. Maybe even a spanking if thought necessary...

Of the title, [ profile] licklepickle says

[ profile] filthgoblin has gone off having fun and left me the awful task of naming this. Struggle aint even the word! Vague journey was Zane to Gonzo writing to Hunter S, where I saw he once wrote "Res ipsa loquitur, let the good times roll". This lead me to inevitable Wiki and that res ipsa loquitur is roughly translated as "the thing speaks for itself."

Click the pic to read the fic

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As some of you might already know, [ profile] karaokegal has a Halloween party post over at her journal called "Come As You're Not". Basically, it's a fic fancy dress party, and by that I mean you are challenged to write something that you would never write in a million years. [ profile] karaokegal explains it better than I could, so I'll copy and paste from her post:


[ profile] karaokegal's Fourth Annual “Come As You’re Not” fanfic costume party.

Who is invited: YOU! If you're seeing this posted anywhere on your friends list, even if you've never heard of me, please come to the party anyway.

I’m inviting you all to write a fanfic as someone other than yourselves.

Costume examples:

If you’re known for linear narrative, go poetic and out of sequence.

Are you a fluff-bunny? Write angst. (And if you're known for developing hives at the hint of fluff, take a few Benedryl and write some.)

Have you said you can’t/won’t do smut? Go down and dirty.

Smutstress extra-ordinaire? Do something so gen a five-year-old can read it.

Write for a pairing you don’t believe in, preferably one that violates your OTP. (Or write threesome fic for your OTP and the biggest threat to their relationship.)

Cross-dressing: Do a story for a fandom you’ve never written in. Think of all the great fandoms that have cropped up since last year...this isn't JUST a House-party or a Torchwood party. Any fandom (movie, tv show, play, book, literature) is welcome.

Bi-fictionality is HIGHLY encouraged. If you've never written slash-now's the time. If you're a true-blue slash fan and totally squicked out by the idea of HET---GO FOR IT!

In fact, this may be the perfect time to face your worse squicks-Bring on the age-discrepancy, hetero, wing-fic! Incest? Rimming? Contact lens sharing? Bring it on!

Write in a style you claim to despise. Songfics, deathfics, AU are all welcome as long as it’s something that you would never be caught dead doing in a million, billion, years.

Base a fic on a cliché you’ve been railing against.

Write a purposely sucky story and create your own MST for it. Or pair up with someone and get them to do the MST for you.

RPS/RPF are more than acceptable, if it's a pairing you haven't done before and especially if you've gone on record saying that RPS/RPF is nasty, bad, icky, squicky etc.

For added costume appeal-create a userpic that is totally NOT YOU!

No word restrictions. Elaborate costumes (long fics), masks thrown over the face (drabbles), and anything in between are fine.

Check out the parties from 2006 and 2007 and 2008 for examples. (And remember it's never too late to comment on a fic.)

RSVP is nice, but not necessary. You can tell us your costume in advance or surprise us at the party.

About two weeks before, I'll be loading up the truck and going shopping so think about what libations, yummies and recreational drugs you'd like me to procure.

Once again, the party will last a whole week so you needn't feel rushed to post and read everything in 24 hours.

I’ll open the post as soon as it turns October 31st my time, which means the UK can start partying bright and early. Post the story in your own LJ and put the link in a comment.

BRING FRIENDS: Please, please, please pimp this post on your F-list, but NOT in any of the fiction communities. This is not an official Ficathon, Challenge, or Exchange. It’s just a party!

And remember, even if you don't wear a costume, you're more than welcome to attend as a reader. (And bring friends.)

The original thread to state your intentions [if you want to, it's not compulsory] is here. I have some amazing writers on my f-list so it would be great to see some of you guys over there. I already have my fic idea germinating, and it features writing my first piece in a fandom I've not yet written for and tackling one of my massivest, squickiest fictional and real-life squicks head-on.
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Title: "Mutual Appreciation Society"
Pairing: A little pairing I've decided to call B-Fine, because no-one can stop me. AKA William Shatner/Chris Pine. You heard me.
Wordcount: 3,408
Rating: R
Warnings: Nothing for graphic content as such. Just be aware of the fact that it switches point of view from Bill to Chris and back again several times. I hope it doesn't make people seasick.
Summary: Chris wasn't sure if he was reading this wrong, and he felt ridiculous thinking it but... Was Shatner hitting on him?
Writer's notes: Inspired by the [ profile] trek_rpf_kink meme, the prompt was simply "Shatner blowing Captain Fine". Anon went on to say "I realise it is probably pointless to even ask for this because nobody else is as fucked up as I am". I beg to differ, BB.

This took ages to write. The dialogue flowed pretty naturally and then the segue to smut failed me. I was spurred by another commenter saying they might fill the prompt and suddenly the fic was finished. In about half an hour. Amazing what the fear of being usurped will do for both inspiration and motivation. Unbeta'd because, let's be fair, who would?

'Mutual Appreciation Society' )
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I did a silly questionnaire thingy on Facebook at the weekend. It asked you to take the last 21 people who had posted on your Facebook wall and answer a series of questions about them. One of the questions asked you to "describe the relationship between 10 and 20". Now in my case, 10 and 20 do not have a relationship. They were not, until that questionnaire, even aware that the other existed. However, the person who'd completed the meme before me had been in the same predicament and had said just that. So I decided to be a little more inventive and wrote

10 runs a bar in New Mexico. 20 is a beautiful but deadly go-go dancer. Together they fight crime iiiiiiin myyyyyy miiiiiiind

Person 20, Erin, seemed to think this was hilarious, so I decided to expand. It's deliberately silly and is meant to come across in a pulp fiction stylee [the books, that is, not the film...]. Less than 800 words, and no warnings other than to expect extreme silliness.

Desire and the Golden Oyster )
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Title: "Life Changes"
Pairing: Captain Jack Harkness/Rhys Williams
Wordcount: 3,776
Rating: R
Summary: Rhys suspects something, investigates and gets more than he bargained for.
Warnings: Angst, adultery. Nothing painful or dubious.
Writer's notes: Set in Season 2 sometime between Meat and Something Borrowed. Thanks to [ profile] karaokegal for the wonderful, patient and thorough beta job and to [ profile] silvaa for also giving it the once-over and giving encouragement as ever.

'Life Changes' )
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Stolen from [ profile] candesgirl

Answer any question you can, preferably with a link.

1) Last story you posted:

That would be Closer, an elaborately detailed RPF fic featuring Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, that I wrote collaboratively with [ profile] terraswrath.

2) Last story you posted where you didn't think later I want to re-write the damn thing:

I haven't yet. I generally go back to read my old fic and think of something that I could rework. However, I have a fic in the bag, fully beta'd with tough love by [ profile] karaokegal that I'm planning to post tonight and will maybe be my first that I'm actualy properly proud of.

You just watch it not get a single comment :p

3) Last story to garner a reaction that surprised you:

I'm not sure whether surprised is the right word, but it's something close to it. It was certainly the one that left me in the most doubt. I wrote Old News for the Yuletide challenge and it caused me no end of angst. Not least because from an otherwise supportive and awesome fandom who seem to at least acknowledge every fic that's written for it, I received not a single comment from anyone apart from the one from the person it was written for. My inner comment whore says if that's what it means to write femmeslash, it's mano-a-mano all the way from here on in...

4) Last story you wrote for someone:

That'd be Talking Dirty, an RPF John Barrowman/David Tennant fic I wrote for [ profile] karaokegal's Kink meme. John Barrowman gets his dirty Glaswegian voice on.

5) Last crossover story you wrote:

Y'know, I don't think I ever have. I'm not averse to them, I just haven't gotten round to it.

6) Last truly raunchy thing you wrote:

Um, just about everything I write is raunchy. However, the last full-on PWP with added UST that I wrote that wasn't a collaboration was Teamwork which is a Life On Mars threesome fic that's all kinds of dirty wrong.

7) Last truly cracky and/or funny thing you wrote:

Just a drabble, but made me giggle. Solid is a short about the Life on Mars OT3 - Sam, Gene and the filing cabinet...

8) Last story you wrote over 10,000 words:

Um, never? I'm a constant revisionist when it comes to writing, and every revision makes things a little smaller. I like nothing better than writing drabbles and taxing myself with finding the choicest words to sum something up in a few short lines. I hope one day to get over myself and write something longer, but it hasn't happened yet.

9) Last AU you wrote:

Do. Not. Want. I don't really like AU's and tend to avoid them like the plague. Not likely to see this coming up in this journal.

10) Last Death fic you wrote:

Um, never. Not that I'm squicked by it. I just tend to focus in people fucking and death as a backdrop isn't really conduicive to carnal encounters.
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Title: "Closer"
Writers: [ profile] filthgoblin and [ profile] terraswrath
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Wordcount: 6,948
Rating: R
Warnings: THIS IS REAL PERSON FICTION INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE. If that is your squick do not click. No offence intended; no reality implied. These are merely facsimilies generated during the course of our filthy exchanges via MSN of fantasy creatures that look like men who exist in real life. Contains hardcore sexual activity and strong language.
Writer's notes: This has been a long time in the making, both in chatting it out and in my tardy editing and pulling it together into a coherent piece of fiction rather than our addled dribbling over our respective keyboards about these two gorgeous men. Unbeta'd so any errors are my own.

'Closer' )
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Written for [ profile] karaokegal's Comment Pr0n meme. Featuring voice fetishisation [focusing on accents specifically in this case]; and touching on clothed!sex and hand kink.

Title: "Talking Dirty"
Pairing: John Barrowman/David Tennant
Wordcount: 340
Warnings: THIS IS REAL PERSON FICTION INVOLVING REAL PEOPLE. If that is your squick do not click. No offence intended; no reality implied. These are merely facsimilies created in my addled mind of fantasy creatures that look like men who exist in real life. Contains Sexual activity and strong language
Writer's notes: Written quick and dirty; unbeta'd so any errors are my own.

'Talking Dirty' )
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Title: Nothing Comes For Free
Fandom: State of Play
Characters: Dominic Foy/Dan Foster
Word count: 611
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual activity, strong language
Summary: If Dan Foster believed he could just flutter those eyelashes and flatter Dominic's sartorial ego to get whatever it was he wanted, then he could fuck off.
Writer's notes: [ profile] silvaa kindly beta'd this one for me at short notice and dragged me kicking and screaming back out of tense hell. Remaining errors are my own. Any comments, crit or other feedback gratefully received.

Nothing Comes For Free )

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Title: Work and Play
Fandom: State of Play
Characters: Anne Collins/Cal McCaffery
Word count: 200
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual activity, some strong language
Summary: Cal can't contain himself at work; seems Anne can't stop herself from helping herself.
Writer's notes: [ profile] karaokegal's pursuit of the [ profile] mmom has got some wank!fic brewing in my mind. She posted this wonderful drabble earlier in response to a prompt I gave her, and it inspired me to write this one. Unbeta'd, so any mistakes are my own. Any comments, crit or other feedback gratefully received.

'Work and Play' )

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Pairing: Arthur Eddington/William Marston
Rating: PG 13
Prompt: for this pairing, [ profile] terraswrath suggested "kiss the one you love with reckless abandonment"
Writer's notes: Terra, my love, I'm so sorry...

Reckless Abandonment )

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I don't really know if this is pimpage [because it was someone else's fic] or whorage [given I had a hand in making it]. But anyway, the moderator of [ profile] dw_podfic recently approached [ profile] terraswrath and asked her if she would consider recording, or having someone record for her, a Theta/Koschei fic she wrote a while back called "Say My Name" for the comm. Someone had requested it, and even though I was struck down with laryngitis at the time, I offered to read it once I was better since Terra didn't really fancy doing it and was unsure about someone she didn't know reading it out.

So I did. This evening. I've never really understood why people would want fic in podcast form, but apparently it's catching on. So if you fancy having a listen: to try something different; to get a fix of Whofic; or even if you're just suddenly taken with a whimsy to hear what I sound like, you can find it here.

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I am gradually working through my drabble prompts. If you're requested something and you've not seen it yet, I will get to you, I promise.

This batch I decided to take those requests for State of Play, to celebrate the placing of the horse of the same name in the top four after I bet on him yesterday at the Grand National. Well that, and hopefully to generate some others to think about writing fic in this fandom to ease the pain of the godawful Hollywood parody that's due out in a couple of weeks...

'Lost in a Lonely World', Cal/Stephen, for karaokegal )

'Persuade Me', Cal McCaffrey/Dan Foster, for xanium )

'Dirty Little Thing', Stephen/Cal, for candesgirl )

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I would normally post requested drabbles in the comments, but I wanted to keep these somewhere that I could refer others to. Yes, that's right. I am a comment whore. So sue me...

Mistaken Identity, Jack/Clone!Ten, for 51stcenturyfox )

Save a Prayer, Bastard!Jack/Gwen Cooper, for karaokegal )

Filing, Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones, for cruentum )

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Title: Animal Attraction
Fandom: Being Human
Characters: Mitchell/George
Word count: 1,645
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual activity of a man-on-man nature; PWP. Other than that, it's relatively tame
Summary: Mitchell finds it difficult to be around George at his "time of the month"
Writer's notes: Profuse thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] terraswrathwho is nurturing me through my paranoid return to writing after my smut-muse packed her bags and left me a couple of weeks ago.

Animal Attraction )

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I think it might be more obvious to some the real people these names belong to, but again it's totally AU and very far removed from reality.

Posting here for posterity, and to get it off my hard-drive

Vicious, violent non-consensual mansecks )

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