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I've been struck with gloom, so I've not been able to find the energy to put down anything about Glastonbury, even who we got to see whilst we were there. But I have to at least do a ten word review of each act so I don't forget what music we saw if nothing else.

In order of appearance, we saw:

Maximo Park - Tight, high energy performance. Paul Smith's junk is foofing ENORMOUS!
Zane Lowe - Wow, that guy knows how to work a crowd. Grintastic :D
Beardyman - More than just human beatboxing - this guy's skill is legendary.
White Lies - Soaring sound and haunting vocals from such a humble combo.
Friendly Fires - Hips don't lie. Lead singer is kinetically driven by pelvis.
The Specials - Very special. Dig at Lily Allen hilarious. Cheer up Terry!
British Sea Power - What's with all the tree branches, you guys? Awesome, though.
The Blockheads - Even without Ian Dury, rocked the house. So much fun.
Metric - Emily is my new girl crush. Energy, drive, melody, groove.
Spinal Tap - Epic, hilarious, irreverant. Used dwarves! Those guys still have it.
Dizzee Rascal - Got crowd going, but not me. Loved "Just A Rascal".
Kasabian - Did we bore you? Is that the best you've got?
Jarvis Cocker - Consummate entertainer - perfect musically, engaging banter plus amusing stage invasion!
Tom Jones - How can you not love Tom? As brilliant as ever.
Will Young - Only heard one song. Sounded good, though. Erm, that's it!
Blur - Possibly the highlight of my gig-going life to date.

So that's that. If I find it in me to write more at a later date, I will. But at least I now have a record of who we saw if I can't summon up the enthusiasm.
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I was feeling pretty washed out yesterday, so I took the best medicine I could find. I watched Zoolander. That film just makes me grin uncontrollably. How is Ben Stiller that awesome? And why is Owen Wilson attractive? I can't figure out what it is about him, but I so would. I mean, just look at them:



In other news, I'm off to a casting this evening for a film that's being shot nearby. It's just for a background role, and the casting will probably involve filling in a form and having a mugshot taken. However, if they decide to use me it will just involve being paid and fed for a day whilst doing something I would happily do for free. Bonus.


And finally, I've discovered when I will be seeing Star Trek next. It's going to be... wait for it... at midnight on the 25th June, in my sleeping bag, under the stars, in a field at Glastonbury! I know it makes me one of the saddest human beings alive, but I'm currently more excited about that than seeing the bands or any of the other fun stuff there is to do over five whole days at the festival.

Fangeek out.
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I've been almost entirely consumed with lust enthusiasm for my fantastic new fandom obsession to the point of forgetting to eat and sleep and stuff and I feel I need to re-focus on real life excitement for a moment. And that excitement comes in the form of the fact that in three weeks and six days I will be arriving at Worthy Farm in Somerset for... The Glastonbury Festival!

The line-up came out on Monday, and I've now had time to consider it properly. There are going to be some hard choices, but I am very much looking forward to the following people, in some kind of roundabout order of importance:

Blur *squees until giddy*
Spinal Tap
Maximo Park
Jarvis Cocker
Mr Scruff
Fleet Foxes
Tom Jones
Tony Christie
Breakfast with Howard Marks
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds [although I know that if I give in and go see him again, I will end up wanting to fuck him senseless even though I know it's WRONG, goddamnit!]

There are hundreds and hundreds more here and if anyone sees someone they know is good and wants to make a recommendation then put it out there.
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Seriously. I hurt from the ribs downwards. I am walking with a very pronounced limp. I am finding it very difficult to ascend and descend stairs and, without wishing to give you mental pictures you don't need, I'm finding getting on the loo to pee harder than I did after knee surgery. If this is how shit I am at exercise, I'm not sure I want any part of it. What a fucking mess.

In other news, I had my inaugural trip to the Hay Literary Festival tonight. I don't know what I was expecting, but what I got was triple-distilled middle classes in a tiny field. I know that I really am middle class, but that didn't feel like me at all.

The reason for going, though, was to see Dylan Moran. He was excellent, very funny and so good with the crowd. My favourite line of the night was "I love it when she says 'I know what you're thinking'. Of course she knows what I'm thinking. Everyone knows what I'm thinking. I want to be face-down in a cushion, with my mouth full of chocolate, and something lovely happening to my lower half..."

Amen to that, Dylan :D

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