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I hope you've had a good year so far. If you have reason to celebrate, then I'll be delighted to hear/read about it and I hope your celebrations are everything you wish for. If you have holiday time from work, whenever that might be, I hope it's as relaxing or as productive as you wish it to be. I wish you peace and good will; happiness and good health.

I do not wish any of those things for you any more or less at any other time in the year than I do now, just because it's December and it's almost the 25th.

And to anyone else who might feel like an isolated weirdo, as I often do, for not feeling the spirit just because of the time of year, you're not alone.
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My workplace is very active in charity fundraising and donation, and I'm actually really proud to be working here for that reason. We are a branch office and while the main office has nearly 1,000 staff working there, we have about 40 people working here. In October we had two fundraising drives across the organisation for Mind, the mental health charity, and Mary's Meals, which is an organisation that provides school meals for children in schools in Africa. In the main office, they raised about £1,200 which is great for the charities, but really showcases the £550 we raised here with 4% of the staff they have in the main office.

This is why I'm proud. I work with such kind, caring and generous-spirited people. Whatever shit I have to wade through on a daily basis it does really help to know that the people I share my office with are all kinds of awesome.

The next project is Pocketful of Presents, where we are all allocated the age of a child in the care of Social Services who would otherwise receive little or nothing for Christmas and we get gifts and wrap them up for them to have a Christmas party. I've done this every year for the last four years. This year I've been allocated a girl of nine and the suggested gift was a game.

Help! What kind of games do nine year old girls like? Are we talking board game or puzzles here? I know there are mothers, Godmothers and aunties out there reading this, and any advice you can give me would be very helpful. I have no contact with any children, so no idea what is age appropriate or what is currently "in". I'm going to go do my shopping tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions I would be very, very grateful.

*group hugs f-list*

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Travel plans move on apace, and Mr G says visa applications are sent. I have a list of things to do in preparation for the trip as long as my arm. Dull stuff, including sorting insurance, telling the bank withdrawals will be made from exotic locations and booking airport parking. We picked up the tickets on Saturday and await the arrival of the tour itinerary to I can go through the travel books we have and annotate them like the crazy control freak I am.

The fun part, which I have yet to sort, is what reading matter I will take with me. I like to take series books. Last year I made my way through all four Twilight books (not so good) in Mexico (also not so good) whereas the year before I read all of His Dark Materials (unbelievably awesome) in Thailand (best holiday ever).

With that in mind I'm seeking recommendations for books to take. Grown-up books or young adult is fine. Ask me any questions on what I like to read you think might help and I would love to hear what you suggest.


Oct. 13th, 2009 03:21 pm
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I have a cold. My head throbs and intermittently I can't breathe through my nose. Apparently I was snoring last night, probably on account of being compelled to be a mouthbreather due to full-up sinuses. I also didn't sleep all that well, so my eyes are sore.

It's making me miserable, and I'm done with miserable. I've given it up for the foreseeable future. I was cheered by watching the STVI gag reel about three times this morning but that has worn off now, much like the pseudoephydrine *goes to top up mug of Lemsip*

So if anyone has anything that might cheer me up - macros, fluff fic [NOT Torchwood; Torchwood and I have fallen out], videos, pictures of puppies or kittens or pygmy hedgehogs, feel free to send 'em my way.

Help me, F-list Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope...

It's done!

Oct. 4th, 2009 09:40 pm
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Grinding it out was painful and took forfuggingever, but I've completed the first draft of my Halloween fic and shipped it off for beta. I don't think I've obsessed as hard over any fic I've written before. Ever. I still know it has a long way to go, but I know that [ profile] karaokegal will help me hammer it into shape.

Also, I can't explain just how much I love [ profile] terraswrath. She's supported me all the way through this process, egged me on, waved the pompoms and given me really constructive advice. Not that I need a reason to love her. I love her like a kid loves bubblegum anyway :)

I can go into the new week knowing I've achieved something now. It's a good feeling indeed.
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The perfectly fabulous [ profile] licklepickle finds that due to certain band stalking activities cultural enrichment commitments she will be in Oslo for her birthday later this month.

Does anyone know of places to go out in that fair city? Or know someone who might?

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I had an email this morning from [ profile] licklepickle to say that the tickets for next June's Glastonbury go on sale on the 4th October. 4TH OCTOBER! That's, like, three weeks away! We can guarantee our places early. I'm so, so, so excited!

I'm also happy about going to see [ profile] xanium, who I presume is currently wandering around my home town, taking in the sights. It was pleasantly odd chatting with her on MSN last night knowing that she's 20 minutes away in this time zone instead of a 22 hour flight and 9 hours ahead :D

It's also very glee-making that today is my Friday - I'm off tomorrow and Mr G & I are off to Snowdonia to go camping and walking in the mountains. It means that it doesn't matter how late I stay out tonight and my current apparent propensity to sleep best from 6.30am onwards, which is a ballache when I have to get up at 7.30am, can be indulged and I can sleep til I wake. I really need it. Then we can saddle up and head off through the beautiful mid Wales countryside to pitch a tent [*sniggers*] in Bettws Y Coed.

Finally, I just got around to reading the instruction manual for my new work mousethat is supposed to prevent the wrist-ache that I've been suffering with lately. I was struggling with it because it's supposed to rest in the palm of my hand and I was having to form my fingers into some kind of claw shape and found they were pressing buttons even when I didn't want them to. However, I've just discovered that the front portion where the buttons are extends away from the palm rest and now that I've adjusted it to take account of my unfeasibly large manhands and loooooong fingers, my whole right side seems to have gone "aaaaah!" Now all I need is my new ergonomic chair and for my desk to be raised by the recommended 3cm and I'm all set in a workspace that's customised for my ludicrous Amazonian proportions.
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Stolen from [ profile] candesgirl

Answer any question you can, preferably with a link.

1) Last story you posted:

That would be Closer, an elaborately detailed RPF fic featuring Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, that I wrote collaboratively with [ profile] terraswrath.

2) Last story you posted where you didn't think later I want to re-write the damn thing:

I haven't yet. I generally go back to read my old fic and think of something that I could rework. However, I have a fic in the bag, fully beta'd with tough love by [ profile] karaokegal that I'm planning to post tonight and will maybe be my first that I'm actualy properly proud of.

You just watch it not get a single comment :p

3) Last story to garner a reaction that surprised you:

I'm not sure whether surprised is the right word, but it's something close to it. It was certainly the one that left me in the most doubt. I wrote Old News for the Yuletide challenge and it caused me no end of angst. Not least because from an otherwise supportive and awesome fandom who seem to at least acknowledge every fic that's written for it, I received not a single comment from anyone apart from the one from the person it was written for. My inner comment whore says if that's what it means to write femmeslash, it's mano-a-mano all the way from here on in...

4) Last story you wrote for someone:

That'd be Talking Dirty, an RPF John Barrowman/David Tennant fic I wrote for [ profile] karaokegal's Kink meme. John Barrowman gets his dirty Glaswegian voice on.

5) Last crossover story you wrote:

Y'know, I don't think I ever have. I'm not averse to them, I just haven't gotten round to it.

6) Last truly raunchy thing you wrote:

Um, just about everything I write is raunchy. However, the last full-on PWP with added UST that I wrote that wasn't a collaboration was Teamwork which is a Life On Mars threesome fic that's all kinds of dirty wrong.

7) Last truly cracky and/or funny thing you wrote:

Just a drabble, but made me giggle. Solid is a short about the Life on Mars OT3 - Sam, Gene and the filing cabinet...

8) Last story you wrote over 10,000 words:

Um, never? I'm a constant revisionist when it comes to writing, and every revision makes things a little smaller. I like nothing better than writing drabbles and taxing myself with finding the choicest words to sum something up in a few short lines. I hope one day to get over myself and write something longer, but it hasn't happened yet.

9) Last AU you wrote:

Do. Not. Want. I don't really like AU's and tend to avoid them like the plague. Not likely to see this coming up in this journal.

10) Last Death fic you wrote:

Um, never. Not that I'm squicked by it. I just tend to focus in people fucking and death as a backdrop isn't really conduicive to carnal encounters.
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I am going to a christening on Sunday for my friend's twin daughters. It's not exactly a low-key thing either - the ceremony is in the Anglican cathedral in Cardiff and I know that my friend bought what she described as "very bling" christening gowns in the souk when she and her husband were in Morocco earlier this year. However, I'm at a bit of a loss and could do with some help.

I'm an atheist, unchristened myself and have only been in churches for other people's weddings and funerals. I am distinctly uncomfortable in church [strangely less so when I went to the Gurdwara for a friend's Sikh wedding, but that was just all so different to anything I'd experienced before that I was just taking it all in] and feel hypocritical just being there. I didn't go to the christening of the same friend's son because she didn't invite anyone thinking they wouldn't want to attend and was widely castigated by people, including me, for not asking people along and giving the opportunity to show their support for her and her family. That came back to bite me, didn't it?

I've only been to one christening before and I don't remember much about it. I was 19 at the time, working in a bar for 64 hours a week and Sundays were my only day off. I was exceptionally hung over having pulled an all-nighter that started with a lock-in after hours and ended in the staff house with crates of Hooch. As if to compound my shame and unworthiness to sit in the house of God, I'd snuck out of someone else's bed at 8am after a one-night wonder - a someone I later discovered was due to get married to someone else two weeks later - to meet my parents so we could travel to the church together. I snoozed through most of the ceremony as discreetly as I could and have no recollection of the after-thing [reception? Wake? What the hell do you call the do after a christening anyway?!] so I don't really know what to expect this weekend.

So, to my more well-schooled and less despicably depraved f-listers, I ask this: what the hell is going to happen? I've already guessed from the fact that it's in a cathedral that it's a posh frock do, so I'm sorted on that score. Should I take a gift, or a card? And if so, is the gift for the babies or for the parents? Or the Godparents? There'll be Godparents, won't there?! What is to be expected of the do afterwards? What should I expect in general? Help!
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Ganked from [ profile] karaokegal

I think it's about time I spread some love all around the place.

Comment and I will tell you something I love about you - but without using any of the usual broad, general adjectives (as lovely as they are). Instead, I will tell you a detail, something almost insignificant, that makes you stand out to me as an individual. It could be anything from the way you make a smiley to a word you always use, from the way you talk about your sister to a picture you once posted that stood out. ANYTHING.

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And since [ profile] xanium tagged me so politely, I shall oblige with my answers

- People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

The meme told me petulantly that I MUST tag six people and MUST NOT skip that part. Well, screw you, meme fascists! I believe in free will. Want? Take, with my pleasure.

20 answers to 20 random questions )

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I love you. I really do.

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