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[ profile] candesgirl, because she likes to see me suffer, gave me a tough three and an absolutely impossible three to choose between. Mummy, it hurts!

List the first... )

List the second, with added pain and suffering... )
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Title: Not Like This
Author: [ profile] filthgoblin 
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ten!Doctor/Simm!Master
Rating: R with bells on.
Wordcount: 100
Warnings: Non-con, without a shadow of a doubt. If that's a squick, do not click.
Notes: Set on the Valiant during the lost year, this notion came up in conversation between myself and [ profile] terraswrath talking about the various ways the Master would have found to torment his captives.

Not Like This )

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Title: Release (Part 1/4)
Authors: [ profile] terraswrath and [ profile] filthgoblin 
Characters: Doctor/Master, Theta/Koschei
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:  2944
Summary: 'He's waited centuries to have this. Whole lifetimes, with the drums pounding in his head and the Master whispering to him in the night.'
Warnings: Smut, smut, and (you guessed it) more smut, with just a dash of cursing. If you could call that a warning... :P
This started out as a chat, but morphed and changed into something much deeper - sometimes a little darker - but always exceptionally smutty. It truly is a joint effort in every way, paragraph for paragraph, editing and posting. Prepare for a bumpy ride is all I can say, because this has more ups and downs than you can shake a stick at. Part two tomorrow.

The Master's bitch. That's all he is. A whore.

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