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Gah! These are horribly late! I asked for prompts about a month ago, and I've finally gotten around to them.

Two drabbles here, both relatively gen, one is slightly slashy if you squint. Apologies to [ profile] cruentum and [ profile] alba17 that you had to wait so long for these.

'Misunderstood', Mitchell/Owen, for cruentum )

'University', Mitchell/George, for alba17 )

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[ profile] candesgirl, because she likes to see me suffer, gave me a tough three and an absolutely impossible three to choose between. Mummy, it hurts!

List the first... )

List the second, with added pain and suffering... )
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Title: Animal Attraction
Fandom: Being Human
Characters: Mitchell/George
Word count: 1,645
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual activity of a man-on-man nature; PWP. Other than that, it's relatively tame
Summary: Mitchell finds it difficult to be around George at his "time of the month"
Writer's notes: Profuse thanks to my wonderful beta, [ profile] terraswrathwho is nurturing me through my paranoid return to writing after my smut-muse packed her bags and left me a couple of weeks ago.

Animal Attraction )

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Title: Sex and Death
Fandom: Being Human
Characters: Mitchell, mentions of Annie, George, Lauren
Word count: 684
Rating: R
Warnings: mentions of sexual violence and death, large helpings of kink. Oh, and spoilers for episode 2 ;)
Summary: This is not who he wants to be, but whether he wants it or not he can't escape it.
Author's notes: huge thanks, as ever, to my wonderful beta [ profile] silvaa, who always makes me strive to do it better.

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