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I may be slightly delirious after just three hours of broken sleep and hysterical from having made an apparently unending list of new things work need me to do. Either in spite of or because of these things, my flail knows no bounds.

After what seems like an eternity of waiting...


As my icon says, my fangirly joy at this cannot be adequately conveyed with capslock alone, so I've gone for big flashing capslock to come closer to the emotions elicited by having the Reboot crew secured in my sweaty mitt.

I fully intend to get it on BluRay when we have a player [which will be after Christmas], but Mr G has been appraised of the fact that I cannot wait that long so DVD and BluRay will be happening in this house whether he likes it or not.
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I have an enormously terrifying day at work today. Presentation to give to the Executive Directors on my areas of work where I get to talk for 30 minutes then get grilled for an hour. I'm crapping my pants.

However, things are made a little better by the fact that I have hidden command power lurking beneath my black boots.

Mr G bought them for me yesterday and today I am wearing the command gold ones to give me Kirk strength. I love that he saw them and thought of me, and I love that I'm such a nerd that even in a high-flying meeting I can take strength from knowing I have the essence of Kirk wrapped around my ankles.

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I am trying really hard not to watch all the leaked DVD featurettes of the Star Trek movie before the DVD comes out in two weeks time. Really, I am. But I'm failing so badly. So far I've watched the gagreel, all the out-takes, and now this:

Chris Pine Casting Featurette

My favourite part? John Cho: Chris Pine isn't good at acting. He's good at push-ups...


ETA: HTML editor keeps taking out the embed code for reasons I don't understand. Hmph.


Oct. 20th, 2009 08:47 am
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Okay. I'll admit it. I have been well and truly hooked in by Twitter. But none more so than yesterday. Yesterday, when Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Nick Frost wrote Hot Fuzz slash with each other through the medium of Twitter.

I didn't think I would ever stop laughing. Ever. I had a bit of a crappy day work-wise yesterday and this totally made up for it.

It started with a little comment from Edgar, asking about X Factor slash... )
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I know you do so much for me. You provide me with access to a wonderful world of images, video, information and all this at the click of a button. You allow me to stay in contact with friends in far-flung corners of the globe. I even know that a globe has no corners. I learned that on Wikipedia and without you that wouldn't have been possible.

However, I would be forever your faithful servant if you could make it so that your ingenious 0users of peer-to-peer file-sharing would get busy with their magic and have Heroes ready for me to download in the morning when I get up. I need the new series, like, medically. And since we are on a delay this side of the Atlantic I find it necessary to engage in copyright theft to service my addiction.

Yours hopefully

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I had an email this morning from [ profile] licklepickle to say that the tickets for next June's Glastonbury go on sale on the 4th October. 4TH OCTOBER! That's, like, three weeks away! We can guarantee our places early. I'm so, so, so excited!

I'm also happy about going to see [ profile] xanium, who I presume is currently wandering around my home town, taking in the sights. It was pleasantly odd chatting with her on MSN last night knowing that she's 20 minutes away in this time zone instead of a 22 hour flight and 9 hours ahead :D

It's also very glee-making that today is my Friday - I'm off tomorrow and Mr G & I are off to Snowdonia to go camping and walking in the mountains. It means that it doesn't matter how late I stay out tonight and my current apparent propensity to sleep best from 6.30am onwards, which is a ballache when I have to get up at 7.30am, can be indulged and I can sleep til I wake. I really need it. Then we can saddle up and head off through the beautiful mid Wales countryside to pitch a tent [*sniggers*] in Bettws Y Coed.

Finally, I just got around to reading the instruction manual for my new work mousethat is supposed to prevent the wrist-ache that I've been suffering with lately. I was struggling with it because it's supposed to rest in the palm of my hand and I was having to form my fingers into some kind of claw shape and found they were pressing buttons even when I didn't want them to. However, I've just discovered that the front portion where the buttons are extends away from the palm rest and now that I've adjusted it to take account of my unfeasibly large manhands and loooooong fingers, my whole right side seems to have gone "aaaaah!" Now all I need is my new ergonomic chair and for my desk to be raised by the recommended 3cm and I'm all set in a workspace that's customised for my ludicrous Amazonian proportions.
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I've tried to write words for the past two days. Words fail me dismally. So instead I bring a picture.

I am more excited than I can possibly explain. Zach Quinto with a gun and an evil scowl? Nngh.
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I managed to find some quality YouTube time this morning to catch up on my subscriptions and what do I find? They've only started filming the next series of Being Human already! Reports say that after the success of the first run, it has been commissioned for a full series. Which to my mind means 12 episodes rather than the six of the last season. I'm very excited!

The production team have started releasing videos on the pre-production on YouTube, and featured this little gem of outstanding slashiness between Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner. The euphemism and the look on Aidan's face is just priceless.

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But these boys are just too adorable and quite frankly too plain sexy NOT to ship in an real life stylee.

There will be no references here to actual RPF. All references are insiiiiiide myyyyyy miiiiiiind. But watch Chris Pine here talking about how he has many mancrushes, plus the general way in which Zachary Quinto just can't stop gazing at Chris whilst he's talking, and you have the start of something that in my case at least will need some kind of water canon to put out.

And now I'm going to go out into the sunshine and try to stop the tidal wave of smutty ideas crashing over the shores of my mind...
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Having been getting myself properly excited about the Star Trek movie since about January when trailers and stills started trickling out, I was fully expecting to be at least a little bit disappointed when I got to see it. It's very hard for something to live up to the degree of hype that I've built up for that movie. But nope. Not a bit of it. It was every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be. And then some. It's been 48 hours now since I left the cinema after seeing it, and I'm still bubbling with excitement. I'm kinda glad it was just Mr G sat next to me and an empty seat on the other side, because I kept fidgeting and flailing and squeaking with excitement throughout the film. And that was with me trying to restrain myself. I would have gladly turned around and gone right back in to watch it a second time, but now two days have passed I'm gagging to see it again. It's almost like a physical craving.

Cut for mild spoilers; spoilerific discussion is welcomed in the comments too if you feel the need. Reader beware :) )

The story was pacey, the performances were excellent, and I came out of the cinema feeling better than I had done in weeks and weeks. That's what good movies are supposed to be about. I can't recommend it highly enough. Nor can I wait to see it again.

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I've been desperately excited about Star Trek for some weeks now, but mostly keeping it to a dull roar. Not just because one of my heroes is in it; or because of the immense slashy potential that's clear from the trailers between Chris Pine's Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Spock; or even because I'm finally coming to terms with and embracing my inner geek. As much as anything, it's because it promises to be a rollicking good action adventure. In SPACE!

Then, just to ramp up my anticipation, Simon Pegg recently offered a guest slot on his blog to an old friend, and I just read it and laughed and cried a little all at the same time:

"This film is fucking brilliant!!! Sorry it took me a while to post this but I wet myself and was sick down my t-shirt because I was so excited and in love with this fucking movie which is brilliant. Did I say it was brilliant? I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my faith in Science Fiction cinema has been restored. In your face Jar Jar you idiotic nonsense fucksmack. Live long and prosper all the fucking way I say!!! Oh god I can't stop crying! I have to call Mike!"

Tim Bisley (North London Science Fiction Review)

I can just hear it. It makes my heart glad in ways I can't adequately explain that Tim is still out there somewhere, that he loves the Trek movie, and that whenever something good happens Mike is the first to know *glee*

Roll on Sunday afternoon...

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I never do this. Ever. My posts are normally so organised and, well, pointy. But this is totally pointless and girlie in an "OFMGifIdon'tgetthissqueeoutofmysystemI'mgonnaEXPLODE!" way.

So yes. I have a new fandom. I'm in love. Hard. Please allow you to introduce you to... Being Human.

I haven't felt this way about any show since Torchwood. I haven't obsessed this much since I had that dream about acting alongside David Tennant about three years ago and spent about three weeks constantly on the verge of tears and kicking myself that I was brought up sensible and didn't rebel against my parents, tell Business Studies to get bent and go to drama school like I would do now if I had my time again. My obsession has kicked in hard. Seriously, I'm totally overwhelmed and I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like a teenager. I'm drowning in oxytocin and my synapses are doing backstroke.

And the weirdest thing about this total pre-occupation? It's not principally shippy. Don't get me wrong, the show has aaaall kinds of potential to be shippy. The three people sharing the house have all sorts of slash/het potential. The way actor who plays the vampire, Mitchell, looks and they way he's portraying the character add up to one hell of a sexy package. The way that Mitchell is protective towards the werewolf, George, is adorable and you could totally see something more there. And both the episodes I've seen so far have had flashes of shippable chemistry with both the boys and their female ghostly housemate, Annie. Then there's the external relationships: the fact that George is apparently so socially hapless; the fact that even when he's trying not to be Mitchell is just so, so predatory. And the performances they all put in to portray the human emotions they come across in trying to manage their social exclusion are just exquisite. It doesn't back away from the darkness, the violence and the bleaker aspects of humanity and it's even better for that.

But I'm not just watching it and pairing off the characters. I'm watching it because I'm riveted by incisive, witty dialogue and snappy banter the like of which I haven't heard since the heyday of Buffy and the fact that I'm already invested in the characters and their future even though I've only spent a scant two hours in their company.

Whoever is picking the tunes for the soundtrack is an effin' genius too. Choosing Muse's "Showbiz" as the backdrop to Mitchell staring out of the window broodily, contemplating the darker aspects of his vampiric nature, as just inspired.

So, overall, I love Love LOVE this show. Love it. Hard. Squee over.

For now ;)

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