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My workplace is very active in charity fundraising and donation, and I'm actually really proud to be working here for that reason. We are a branch office and while the main office has nearly 1,000 staff working there, we have about 40 people working here. In October we had two fundraising drives across the organisation for Mind, the mental health charity, and Mary's Meals, which is an organisation that provides school meals for children in schools in Africa. In the main office, they raised about £1,200 which is great for the charities, but really showcases the £550 we raised here with 4% of the staff they have in the main office.

This is why I'm proud. I work with such kind, caring and generous-spirited people. Whatever shit I have to wade through on a daily basis it does really help to know that the people I share my office with are all kinds of awesome.

The next project is Pocketful of Presents, where we are all allocated the age of a child in the care of Social Services who would otherwise receive little or nothing for Christmas and we get gifts and wrap them up for them to have a Christmas party. I've done this every year for the last four years. This year I've been allocated a girl of nine and the suggested gift was a game.

Help! What kind of games do nine year old girls like? Are we talking board game or puzzles here? I know there are mothers, Godmothers and aunties out there reading this, and any advice you can give me would be very helpful. I have no contact with any children, so no idea what is age appropriate or what is currently "in". I'm going to go do my shopping tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions I would be very, very grateful.

*group hugs f-list*

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