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I would normally post requested drabbles in the comments, but I wanted to keep these somewhere that I could refer others to. Yes, that's right. I am a comment whore. So sue me...

Mistaken Identity, Jack/Clone!Ten, for 51stcenturyfox )

Save a Prayer, Bastard!Jack/Gwen Cooper, for karaokegal )

Filing, Gwen Cooper/Ianto Jones, for cruentum )

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Title: Not Like This
Author: [ profile] filthgoblin 
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ten!Doctor/Simm!Master
Rating: R with bells on.
Wordcount: 100
Warnings: Non-con, without a shadow of a doubt. If that's a squick, do not click.
Notes: Set on the Valiant during the lost year, this notion came up in conversation between myself and [ profile] terraswrath talking about the various ways the Master would have found to torment his captives.

Not Like This )

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Title: Release (Part 1/4)
Authors: [ profile] terraswrath and [ profile] filthgoblin 
Characters: Doctor/Master, Theta/Koschei
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:  2944
Summary: 'He's waited centuries to have this. Whole lifetimes, with the drums pounding in his head and the Master whispering to him in the night.'
Warnings: Smut, smut, and (you guessed it) more smut, with just a dash of cursing. If you could call that a warning... :P
This started out as a chat, but morphed and changed into something much deeper - sometimes a little darker - but always exceptionally smutty. It truly is a joint effort in every way, paragraph for paragraph, editing and posting. Prepare for a bumpy ride is all I can say, because this has more ups and downs than you can shake a stick at. Part two tomorrow.

The Master's bitch. That's all he is. A whore.
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The wonderful [ profile] karaokegal holds an annual fic costume party where people have the opportunity to do something totally out of character for them, fictionally speaking. And ever one to challenge the status quo, I decided to get involved. So here's my contribution.

Title: Differences
Fandom: Dr Who
Characters or Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: PG, possibly less
Word Count: 899
Summary: Rose wants something the Doctor just can't give
Author's Notes: This is very heavy on the angst, but other than that it's fun for all the family. It's also un-beta'd so any glaring idiocy is all my own work.
Why it's a costume: There's a range of things that I don't do in my fic. I don't write gen. I am not known as a writer of het. And I rarely write angst. Also, my fic tends to take ages for me to write as I'm a pedantic, perfectionist pain-in-the-arse. So bring that together into an angsty het-gen fic that I bashed out in less than an hour and you've got pretty much a unique combination for me. Oh, and I hate and detest this pairing with a vile seething passion.



Differences )


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