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Sleepless night, troubled brow, all erased by this man right here

It's been altogether too long since his face has graced this place. And now I shall set about pursuading Mr G that he wants to go see Mr Simm speaking in tongues on or around his birthday when we intend to be in London...
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I'm almost certain that this will please no-one but me, but the lovely [ profile] licklepickle sent me this and I'm posting it here so I can just come and drool at regular intervals:

Personalised New Years greetings... )
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Ganked from[ profile] karaokegal

Post pictures of 20 guys you lust after because there can never be too many pictures of hot guys.

Well, the meme says 20, but because I'm stingy with the lust, and because the standard measure of a list in the Goblin household is ten "passes", you get 10 guys and one girl...

Ten guys and a girl )

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